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  • Scenic Snake River Float Trips

    Do you want to experience the beauty and adventure of floating the river without dealing with the rapids? Then our Snake River float trips are perfect for you. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the abundant wildlife that lives in and around the Snake River.

    When you take our 13-mile scenic float trip, you will have plenty of time to take in the majestic panorama of the Grand Tetons, a jagged mountain range just outside of Yellowstone National Park. You may see such wildlife as bald eagles, Rocky Mountain elk, moose, mule deer, otters, beavers, and many more other creatures that live on or near the river.

    White Water Rafting on the Snake River

    If you are feeling more adventurous, consider running the rapids. Our white water rafting trips will allow you to interact with the wild side of the beautiful Snake River. If the cold splash of the river on your face makes you laugh, if you want to conquer the wild, unpredictable rapids, hop in. We can show you the best spots to run rapids and teach you rafting techniques to get through the rapids. We can even regale you with information about the river itself.

    Whatever your preferences may be, Teton Whitewater has the perfect tour for you. You can choose from the following white water trip options:

    • Classic white water trip
    • Small boat slam trip
    • White water/scenic combo trip

    White Water and Scenic Combo Trips

    If you want to enjoy the best of the sights and sounds of the river, coupled with the adventure of the rapids, consider taking a combo trip. In addition to having extensive training in river safety, our experienced guides are thoroughly versed in the region’s natural history, wildlife, and geology.

    Our knowledgeable guides will entertain you with the history of the river, interesting facts about the wildlife and the surrounding landscape, and tales from the sport of rafting. Teton Whitewater guides love spending time on the river and sharing their love of both the sport and the scenic views with fellow rafters.

    Boy Scouts and White Water—A Perfect Match

    What could be better than a rafting trip down the tumultuous Snake River for encouraging a young boy’s sense of adventure? With rapids like the Lunch Counter and the Big Kahuna, a white water rafting trip will be a trip to remember. Let your scouts express their wild side on a wild ride through the unruly waters of the Snake River.

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